An ageless evil feeds and breeds beneath the magical world of Tahr, plotting its exodus from the fiery eternal prisons of Fury. Mired in political rivalries, the divided kingdoms of elves, dwarves, gnomes and humans fail to recognize the threat until it is far too late.

As a once tranquil world begins to weather cataclysms of epic proportion, four young champions emerge from the races, drawn together by providence and divination: Lucan Thorne, a roguish young tavern hustler. Aria Evanti, the beautiful and demure Elven Princess of Thornwood. Prince J’arn Silverstone, stoic Firstson of the Dwarf King of Belgorne. Shyla Greykin, an insatiably curious and adorably irreverent Gnomish girl.

When the courage of an innocent few is tested against the ancient hatreds that separate mankind, valor will not be enough – only the greatest magics will offer hope, for the Hand of Disorder wields a terrible power of his own.