It’s been a hell of a spring.

Ash hit a few bestsellers lists on Amazon, my inbox has been blowing up, and suddenly I’m a for-really-real author, actually earning a living (for now). The pink envelopes from various utilities are now white again, and the pile is getting smaller. I won’t bore you guys with the details, but suffice it to say – trying to “make it” as an independent author is an exercise made up of equal parts terror and poverty. Now that the poverty seems to be improving, it’s all terror.

And now there’s more of it. The first three books have been fairly well-received, and now there are a whole lot of folks waiting on the rest of the series. That’s extra terrifying. It’s one thing trying to gain a following; it’s another trying to exceed fans’ expectations. (Fans. Tahr has fans. That’s just freaking me out.)

The good news… while I have no idea whether or not you guys and gals are gonna like the rest of the series, *I* certainly am excited about it. I feel the same way I have felt all along about this story. I love Tahr. I love its characters. I know what’s coming, mostly, and I feel just as enthusiastic about this story – no, even more – than I have throughout. So, if that’s any indicator at all, I think you’re going to enjoy it, too.

So, when’s the next book coming?

Autumn, for sure. Whether it’s early or late autumn depends mostly on how much my dear, sweet, teenage children decide to pester me during my writing time. They do so delight in torturing me, my daughter in particular. She’s relentless. “Oh, look, Dad’s got his headphones on. He’s staring intently at an open word document, shards of keyboard plastic flying from his bleeding fingers as he pounds away maniacally. I’ll bet he wants to chat.” There’s my oldest son, who knows *exactly* the right moment to say, “Hey dad so guess what?” in order to achieve maximum flow disruption. Then there’s my middle son, who will start jamming on the guitar upstairs, hit some gorgeous 7th chord, and suddenly I’m all, “well, maybe I can jam with him for just a few minutes…”

So, if it happens to be late autumn, it’s not my fault. It’s these infernal teenagers. It won’t be too long before they’re out of the house for good, and I *actually* like hanging out with them.

Oh, and then there’s the dogs. They currently have me surrounded. I pretty much have to do what they say, or they shoot lasers from their eyes at me. Maggie is charging hers right now, as you can see.