Famine and disease spread throughout Tahr killing the royal family of Mor. A new and terrible ruler ascends the Throne of Men in the chaos that ensues. King Halsen unites the tribal orcs and trolls with the people of Mor through a common hatred by claiming the Elven people of Thornwood are withholding a cure to the Strife. 


Captain Neral Evanti leads a heroic charge of Cavalry in the ensuing war on the Praër of Thornwood as the peace of an age is broken.


“Strife” is the backstory of Captain Evanti, a beloved character in “Tahr – The Days of Ash and Fury Volume One.” Sean Hinn’s debut novel “Tahr” has received rave reviews from fantasy readers across the globe. “Strife” is not an excerpt from Tahr, but rather a stand-alone short story.