So, a little good news… or, a little bad news depending on which of those two categories you find yourself in today.


Many of you know I have been debating what to finish next: Volume Four of The Days of Ash and Fury, or the first of a series of shorts I intend to write about the origin stories of a few characters. I’ve been writing in each, and as this is all coming together, it’s becoming clear” I need to get to know Lucan better, and I think you do, too. I mean, we *know* him, but we haven’t *hung out* with him, if that makes any sense. Same with Vincent Thomison. And, as it happens, there’s a connection there.


Decision made. #4 is going to be delayed a tad. But… as a consolation prize, here’s the first chapter of The Code of the Coin (A Merchants of Mor Tale). Hope it whets your whistle for more… (and please feel free to share this around if you like). I’m gonna write my tail off to finish this in a few weeks. Hang tight and I’ll soon have more rum, promise…

Click below for the sample: 

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